Besson Management Group, Inc. operates and manages companies that provide an array of goods and services focused on the transportation industry.

TRITECH creates proven solutions for maintenance and repair shops by combining their Expert Technician Support Call Center and Expert Technician Training. The support services are built around minimizing vehicle down time, improving technician efficiency and on-going technician training.

TRITECH is committed to assisting technicians increase shop efficiency.

Triad Mobile Solutions is a versatile company that understands the costs associated with having a vehicle downed for any period of time.

Founded in 2018 and based out of New Braunfels, Texas, their mission is to decrease downtime, risk of over the road accidents, and assist fleets with maintaining inventory. Triad features fully certified mobile technicians that perform a wide variety of roadside repairs, around the clock, throughout Texas and its surrounding states.

Besson Consulting is comprised of Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Commercial Dealership Experts with over 100 years of combined industry specific, on the ground experience. Their experts use proven industry standards and real-world experience to partner with dealership groups seeking assistance.

Providing in-depth total dealership analysis, specific department metrics or utilizing creative plug and play models, Besson creates the necessary KPI’s to meet company goals for profitability.

Besson Management Group, Inc. is focused on providing our client’s patrons with the best experience possible while simultaneously creating long lasting relationships built on a strong foundation of customer service.

Mike Besson

Mike has considerable expertise in the Commercial Trucking Industry. He was instrumental in building several Fixed-Operation Initiatives during his tenure at Rush Enterprises, Inc.

Mike brings comprehensive intelligence in Fixed-Operation Business Analytics, Compensation Structures, Sales Strategies, Turn-Arounds and Business Rebuilds, KPI Integration, Mentoring Programs and Creating Healthy Business Mix Analysis. Mike has held various Senior Leadership positions, including President of Polar Service Centers and President/CEO of Peterbilt Truck Centers. Mike currently serves as Advisor to the Board of Directors for Dobbs Management, which owns/operates multiple different OEM On and Off-Highway Commercial Dealerships.

Blake Besson

Blake has substantial knowledge in the Commercial Trucking Industry. He began his career with Rush Truck Centers, out of Dallas, TX and acquired apprehensions in gleaning and understanding the effects of how a P&L and Balance Sheet provide Commercial Dealerships with their overall financial stability.

Blake is conversant with a wide range of OEM Warranty Procedures, Audit Processes, Service Management, Mobile Service Development and Compensation Structures. He has held various Leadership positions, including Technical Accounts Manager, Mobile Service Manager, Service Manager and Operations Manager. Blake currently serves as President of Triad Mobile Solutions, LLC and Vice President of Besson Management Group, Inc.